Detroit Coney Mobile Food Truck & Catering                         in Kansas City, MO

"Skip the bologna, have a Detroit Coney!"

Pictures & Testimonials


"I went to American Coney Island in Detroit when I was there last week.  They were good, but your coneys are SO much better.  Can't wait to be able to be at one of your locations to get another of the best coneys I have had." - David M.

"You guys rocked our beards off tonight!   Thanks for the hook up!" - Rick A.

"You guys are putting a positive face on Detroit.  We appreciate you!" - Doug & Keri T.

"Not gonna lie, I was skeptical.  So glad I tried, delicious!" - Cara S.

"These other trucks better step up their game, you guys are awesome!" - Elisha S.

"Everyone at the event loved the food, you guys rocked it out.  Can't wait to have you out next year." - Jenny P.

"I would like to give a special shout out to the guys on the Detroit Coney truck at the PPF in Merriam, KS! Guys, it was effing delicious and it made me homesick. Anybody who has never had an authentic Detroit Coney Dog MUST see these people. Stay awesome my brothers." - M. Roland

"Best truck in Kansas City." - Chris H.

"The pizza fries are awesome!" - Ron C.

"Best Coney since I left Detroit. Maybe better. It was great to find out you were here and serving wonderful food and service. Thanks" - Lew C.

"Better than Lafayette." - Mason L.

"Best food truck ever!" - Josh S.

"You guys are the best...the baby is happy." - Morgan C.

"Chili cheese fries = MIND. BLOWN." - Jake M.

"Just drove 45 minutes, round trip, for a hot dog-but not just any hot dog...a Detroit Coney Food Truck coney dog!  Why?  Cause it was closer than driving to Detroit!  Sooooo good!  We'll see you at your next stop." - Sharon L.

"Great food!" - Kevin D.

"Coney dog $5, Red Wings jersey $90, getting the coney off the Detroit Coney Food Truck in Overland Park, KS - Priceless." - Mike C.

"Thanks for reppin' the D in a positive way!" - Angela Z.

"Detroit Coney Food-Truck Best food truck in KC.   Look'em up." - Chris S.

"Thank you for coming today!!!!  It was AWESOME!!!!!" - Scott K.

"Ahhhh.  A taste of home." - Mike S.

"Book them for your event, you won't be disappointed." - Rena F.

"Thank you for making my decision to move from Michigan much easier!!  Great coney!!" - Bryant T.

"Awesome polish coney & nachos today!  Really hit the spot." - Ross B.

"Once again.... my Homies have no limits & don't know what out of bounds is! Yall are making me so proud to come from Detroit! Now others will know it ain't all about crime or The Big Three or Devils Night. Keep up the good work guys!!! Much love & success to y'all!!! East Side!" - Walt R.

"Most delicious!" - Robert S.

"Coney and fries were lip smacking, finger licking, delicious...yummy!" - Brad R.

"Awesome. Tastes like Lafayette Coney Island downtown." - Denise L.

"Pizza fries are amazing!" - Nicholas F.

"Big shout out to Detroit Coney Food-Truck here in Kansas City - ruining a diet has never been so much fun. Chili dogs chili cheese fries ... felt like I was at Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit." - Jason K.

"Best cheese fries EVER!!!" - Daniel M.

"Best!" - Craig N.

"That's quite possibly the best hot dog I've ever had." - Joel T.

"@detroitconeymo is the real deal. Only real coney I've had since moving here from the D. The dogs snap and the chili is right." - Chris R.

"Awesome coney fellas! Detroit Coney ain't no phony." - Ross B.

"Stopped by the fellas @DetroitConeyMO today, the Detroit Coney and chili cheese fries were delish!!" - J. Fett

"Highlight of my day so far finding @DetroitConeyMO and getting chili fries. Ain't no coney like a #Detroit coney. Those guys are legit." - Derek

"Not gonna lie, that was awesome!" - Eating Awesomeness Blog

"Ain't no coney like a Detroit coney cuz a DETROIT CONEY DON'T STOP!" - R. McMurray

"Check out the Detroit Food-Truck good Michigan food!" - Jeremy S.

"Best DAMNED FRIES, AND the "Loose Meat Burger......OMG........Check em out, ASAP!!!!" - Ken R.

"Thank you so much for the awesome food and, more importantly, making us feel like part of your family. We love Michigan, The D and you guys!!!" - Lisa B.

"Catered an event at my workplace.  Would recommend to anyone." - Cheryl S.

"The Detroit Coney was the BOMB!" - Ed B.

"I really enjoyed these guys. They were genuine, kind, funny, and had great Energy...oh.... and the food was good. I hope to enjoy them again, soon!" - Rich F.

"Pizza fries are da bomb!!!" - Antha

"The Detroit coney is awesome!! I liked it!" - Melissa

"Excellent foot long corn dog! Highly recommended." - Erin W.

"Best chicken tenders and best homemade French fries." - U. Crone

"Smiling cause I just had a Detroit Coney Food Truck Dog." - Regina M.

" I ate the coney w/ erthang on it... delicious..." - Terance

"Awesome!" - Shanna

"Chili cheese nachos were off the chain!" - Dion J.

"The peach cobbler was great, thank you!" - Carla F.

"I am not from Michigan, but I have visited family there before & had coneys from a few places up there. Seems like everyone has a different style of coney, just like BBQ here I suppose. Anyway, I like the coney, it was really good & so were the fries." - Gail D.

"Really liked the coney." - Dave

"The KC Coney was delish!" - Tanya L.

"Proud of you guys, putting a positive spin on Detroit.  Keep it up." - Josh R.

"Cannolis are super awesome!" - Stephanie A.

"Picked up a coney dog and chili fries for my husband, a Detroit native. He couldn't believe his eyes when he opened the food container. He's been on the phone with his three brothers telling them since he'd not found a coney in KC that compared to those back home (and he's been here 50 years). Now he wants to know where he can find the truck on a regular basis." - Sheri L.

"Nothing like a Coney Island from Detroit!!!!" - Cindy T.

"Tastes like Lafayette in Detroit. Good Job!" - Jackie

"Pleased to meet you today in Merriam. Best hot dog since I left Detroit. Thanks for the good food and friendly service." - Lew C.

"Had a great time at PPD in Merriam Kansas! A huge shout out to Detroit Coney Food-Truck! It was so great to see you there!!!!" - Crystal B.

"Just struck gold in Kansas City, found a Detroit Coney island food truck!!" = Alicia C.

"Nothing like a Coney and chili cheese fries! Thanks guys!" - Dan L.

"Just had the jumbo coney.  It was amazing!" - Jo

"Reminds me of Kirbys in Southfield!  LOVE!" - Cristina

"This Detroit girl found a little bit of home today in KC.  Yum." - Laura M.

"Hey Detroit Coney Food-Truck! Hell yeah that was good! Messy, but good!" - Matt

"I love Detroit Coney." - Erin W.

"We loved it & can't wait for a MI mixer!" - Jessica G.

"Pizza fries, where have you been all my life?" - Jenna 

"As always food was great." - Chris

"Just had the Detroit Coney. Yup, amazing!" - Leigh S.

"Had a great time at Detroit Coney Food Truck at Maker Faire yesterday. Woo-woo! I finally had a real coney from the D!! Props to Robert and Jaheem. Thanks for everything." - Regina

"A little D in KC. The best thing cross my lips since I left the mitten. Can't wait to see you again." - Michael

"We need to hook up @lazlothebuzz with your awesomeness stat!" - Chris D.

"I had @detroitconeymo when they were at @StrawSwingKC and they have good chili dogs & fries." - Violet

"Good Food." - Pastor Johnson

"Makes me homesick!  But totally worth it!" - Kelly P.

"Awesome chili dog. Thank u "D.Coney" - Steve K.

"Seriously, the best!" - Rebecca